Anybus (HMS Networks) strengthens its IIoT position with the addition of MQTT to CompactCom


Original article by Kim Liedholm | Sep 28, 2018

HMS Industrial Networks have announced support for the IoT protocol MQTT within the Anybus CompactCom range of embedded networking solutions.

With this new addition – together with the already existing OPC UA protocol – CompactCom users are now offered a straight-forward path to providing secure data to IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) factories.

To fully realise the IIoT vision, device and machine manufacturers are required to connect their hardware to different industrial networks on OT (operational technology). It is also important that they provide data to IT systems and IoT software.

Thanks to the support for both OPC UA and MQTT, Anybus CompactCom has now opened a new door to the IIoT.

Thousands of device manufacturers and machine builders who use CompactCom can now make their data available to IT systems and IoT software in a simple, secure way.

The support for OPC UA and MQTT in CompactCom will facilitate improved communication with IT systems and IIoT applications, by offering data straight from a device or machine.

Users will be able to analyse data from CompactCom-equipped devices and machines for applications such as predictive maintenance and manufacturing optimisation – key elements for realising the vision of IIoT.