Global M2M Product Return Policy

Defects in the product delivered

Global M2M has a guarantee commitment according to the rules specified in the our General Terms and Conditions for defects in the product (if nothing else has been previously agreed).

Global M2M will free of charge resolve defects in the product delivered, which are due to defects in material, design or manufacture. Global M2M may, instead of rectifying the defect, supply a new product free of defects, or repay the purchase price.

Should the customer complain of a defect, and it then be found that there is no defect for which Global M2M is liable, Global M2M is entitled to full payment for work and for costs which the customer’s incorrect complaint has caused.

Global M2M will charge the customer for the repair of damages which are caused by the customer through the misuse of the product, even if the product is still under warranty.


Before returning a product to Global M2M, you need to obtain a Product Return Number (PRN) otherwise known as Return Material Authorisation (RMA) number.

By completing the form you will automatically receive your PRN packaging slip. Please print this out and enclose one in the transport and save one copy of it as reference.

Always pack the products in a physically- and ESD-safe way. Please use the original packaging if possible. Contact us if there are questions regarding suitable packaging material or ESD-protection.

  • If a warranty repair is requested and you are unsure of the products age, please check the products serial number with us to determine if it is still under warranty.
  • The complaint should contain a description of the nature of the defect.
  • For functional faults, as complete fault information as possible will make the troubleshooting easier.

Please try and include the following:

  • How does the fault appear?
  • Under which circumstances does the fault appear?
  • How is the module configured?
  • In what type of application is the product installed?
  • What is the rest of the installation like?
  • What other products are used in the installation?
  • How is the environment around the installation?
  • How was the faulty product isolated?
  • How was the fault confirmed?

Guarantee commitment

Global M2M has a guarantee commitment according to the rules specified in our delivery terms.

Anybus Embedded and IXXAT products:
Global M2M has a warranty period of 12 months from shipment date.

Anybus Gateways, Netbiter products and EtherNet/IP linking devices:
Global M2M has an extended guarantee of 36 months from shipment date. This extended guarantee includes 1SICANopen and CM CANopen.


Please send the device together with the return delivery note to the address that is mentioned in the packaging slip from the PRN request. If nothing else has been previously agreed, the customer pays for the freight to Global M2M, while Global M2M pays for the return freight to the customer, according to the delivery terms.

Return shipments are delivered with DHL, “CPT (Destination)”.
If you cannot use DHL for product returns, then please state this in the “Problem Description” box!


Repair and upgrade

If a repair or an upgrade of a product outside of warranty is requested, please choose that alternative in the bottom of the PRN application form. For repairs we charge $195 (excl. GST) and we credit this to the repair charge if warranty is not valid. We normally return with DHL, and the freight cost for repairs and updates will be charged to the customer.