Straightforward VPN Connection From Anywhere,
At Any Time


Remote Access to troubleshoot your machines without going on-site, drastically reducing support costs and improving machine uptime.

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Easy & Secure

Every aspect of our solution optimizes security while ensuring that setup doesn’t require IT configuration tools or command-line skills.

Flexible Remote Access

Along with our devices, our solution includes a desktop VPN client, mobile VPN client, and VPN cloud-service, all free of charge!

Flexible Connectivity

Hard-wired Ethernet connection in your factory? Need WiFi connectivity? Installing in a remote site with only cellular service?
We have you covered.

How Does It Work?

The Ewon Cosy establishes a secure VPN connection from the machine to anywhere in the world via Talk2M,
a cloud-based remote connectivity solution.

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The gateway seamlessly communicates on the local area network with the PLC and the HMI, and allows remote connection from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Ewon Cosy and Talk2M make connectivity easy, and don’t require the user to be an IT expert to take advantage of the time and cost saving.

Select Your Ewon Cosy Device

Ewon Cosy 131-ETH

Cosy 131 Ethernet

Wired Ethernet WAN connectivity

Ewon Cosy 131 - WiFi

Ewon Cosy 131

WiFi connectivity on 2.4Ghz networks


Ewon Cosy 131 - 4G EU

Cosy 131 4G EU

4G Cellular connectivity for Europe

Ewon Cosy 131 - 4G NA

Cosy 131 USA and CAN

4G Cellular connectivity for United States and Canada

Ewon Cosy 131 - 4G APAC

Ewon Cosy 131 APAC

4G Cellular connectivity for Asia-Pacific countries

Ewon Cosy 131 - 3G

cosy 131 3g

3G Worldwide cellular connectivity

Ewon Cosy – Pick Up The Right Internet Connectivity

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