Global M2M distribute a range of high-quality,
market-leading devices for automation, smart energy and more.

Factory Automation solutions

Factory Automation Gateways

Enable communication inside
your machines and between components
with our factory automation gateways.

real-time data access

Industrial IoT Gateways

Get real-time data from industrial
machinery to present to
.NET-based IT applications.

Building and HVAC products

Building Automation & HVAC

Our HVAC Gateways are the ideal
solution, whether for new developments
or to control an existing building.

gateways for smart energy grid

Smart Grid & Energy Gateways

Fully-realise your smart grid or energy
system by connecting industrial and
energy distribution equipment.

industrial IoT control

Wireless Solutions

Our devices provide fast and reliable
wireless connectivity for factories,
machines and buildings.

CAN networks for aerospace applications

CAN in Automation

Connect to CAN and CAN FD
networks with ease, or integrate with
industrial automation equipment.

SCADA and remote control solutions

Remote Access & IoT Routers

Use our Industrial IoT Gateways to gain
remote access to your plant or
factory. Anytime, anywhere.

cloud platform data

IoT Cloud Platforms

Implement an easy-to-use,
hardware-independent remote
management solution for data visibility.

power supply for industrial use

Network Management & Monitoring

Explore our range of Management and
Monitoring tools designed
for your industrial networks.

Software tools

Software Tools

Looking for a cost-effective PLC
alternative? Connect your computer
using our Master Simulators.

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