Warranty Claims, Repairs & Credit Returns

Returning a product to Global M2M


Before returning a faulty product to Global M2M, you should first contact our technical support to see if they can resolve your issue. If they are unable to resolve your support issue and recommend that you return the product to Global M2M, you can do this by completing the form below.

In urgent situations, or if special shipping arrangements are required please contact Global M2M directly.

Email:  sales@globalm2m.com.au
Phone: +61 3 9338 8189

  • You need to obtain a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) number. You will automatically receive one on your packaging slip, on completion of the form below. Please print this out and enclose one in the transport and save one copy of it as reference.
  • Always pack the products in a physically- and ESD-safe way. Please use the original packaging if possible. Contact us if there are questions regarding suitable packaging material or ESD-protection. See below:Approved ESD packing for returning products

(Any product return received at Global M2M with non-ESD conforming packing will be rejected from verification and physical failure analysis, as we are unable to determine if any issues found are related to the customer observation or an ESD event.)
  • For more details regarding the Global M2M product returns policy, warranty and costs involved, please click here
  • If you need to make a return for commercial reasons, or for an ordering error then please click here


Please provide us with the information for warranty claims and repair of the product:

RMA Claims, Repairs & Credit Returns