Reduce unplanned downtime with more reliable networks.


The reputable ProfiHub and ProfiSwitch family is a collection of multichannel PROFIBUS DP network components designed to create reliable star/tree networks and long multi-device spur lines.

This ensures that processes run more efficiently and unplanned downtime is reduced.

Utilised in many applications worldwide, these components are available in different varieties to comply with your specific requirements.

The HubDater Tool – upgrade now!

The HubDater Tool enables users to make the following repeater models even better by upgrading it with diagnostics slave functionality:

  • B5+R
  • B2+R
  • B4FO2+
  • B2FO2+
  • Repeater D1

This feature enables them to read out diagnostic information from ComBricks web software, meaning you are able to pin-point occurring errors in the network more easily, preventing downtime.


  • Galvanically isolated transparent repeaters
  • Block short circuits and other bus problems
  • Reliable and efficient installation

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