Wireless Connectivity Solutions

Wirelessly connect your factories, machines and buildings with Anybus
industrial-grade solutions. 

Anybus Bolt wireless  connectivity solution for factory use

Anybus Bolt

Provide robust industrial wireless access
to your industrial cabinets or machines
via Bluetooth and WLAN.

Anybus Bridge

Anybus Bridge

Use the Bridge to connect over Bluetooth
or WLAN. An ideal solution for hard-to-reach
or hazardous locations.

IXXAT CAN repeaters by HMS

Wireless Routers

Get high-speed LTE connectivity and
advanced routing functionality for network
segmentation and redundancy options.

Anybus Wireless Access Point

Access Points

Developed with wireless mesh for indoor
and outdoor industrial settings, it is
the perfect network solution.

nybus PoE Injector 12-57VDC

Wireless Accessories

Supply your Anybus product, (for example an
Anybus WLAN Access point or Wireless
Bolt RJ45), with Power over Ethernet.

Global M2M are experts at connecting you to your devices,
regardless of protocol language or existing hardware.

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