Remote Access & IoT Routers


Our range of Remote Access & IoT routers enable PLC remote access
for monitoring and troubleshooting purposes. 

Download PLC programs, access your HMI, trigger notifications
and – most importantly – access your data.

ewon cosy group

Ewon Cosy

Leverage the power of a secure VPN –
get Remote Access to troubleshoot
your machines. 

Womaster Router


Connect to meters, sensors, or Modbus RTU
devices to send data to the cloud.

Ewon Flexy 205

Ewon Flexy

Unlock machine data to enable remote
monitoring, predictive maintenance and
other value-added services.

IXXAT CAN repeaters by HMS


Netbiter’s Remote Management Solution
enables you to get real-time data from your
field equipment

Global M2M are experts at connecting you to your devices,
regardless of protocol language or existing hardware.

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